Chris Pokorny, Advanced Filtration Systems, Inc.

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Joe and also working for Joe. Joe and I worked out of the same W. W. Grainger office in Decatur, Illinois in 2007 when I was an Area Manager driving a new strategy around inventory solutions at our customer locations. Joe was a great partner as he quickly learned this new strategy and promptly began to install the solutions at his customer locations. In 2010, I took an opportunity to enter into a Sales position at Grainger with Joe as my District Sales Manager. Joe was patient with me as this was my first official foray into sales. Patient yet firm! He coached and mentored me in the art of sales and strategy planning all the while understanding that I would trip along the way. He was always there to pick me up, review, and continue guiding.

The most prominent and impactful skills that Joe brings to an organization are: Leader as Coach, Strategist, Strategy Execution, Manager of Change, and an understanding of Business Finance.

I can attest to his leadership and ability to coach an employee because of the growth I experienced in my Sales position due to Joe’s vigilant guidance. There are few better at understanding a situation and how to “game plan” around it. Joe had a top to bottom understanding of company objectives and he could meet those objectives within his own environment and in his area of leadership. Once a strategy is in place, the most difficult aspect is to then executive. Joe did this as an individual contributor and through those with whom he worked and the teams he led. Finally, Joe made decisions and also hit goals which always made a positive financial impact on the company. Joe’s education and years in management in manufacturing have prepared him well to understand the financial impact to the bottom line.

Joe will always be a top performer with any team that he is on. I have been amazed with how well Joe can drive toward and achieve his goals with a company and yet find the time needed for his family in order to keep a very healthy balance. Joe is a true asset to any organization.

Chris Pokorny
Supply Chain Manager
Advanced Filtration Systems, Inc.

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