Personality Assessments

Use our P60 Personality Assessment to make sure you hire right the first time.


Sure Your New Hire is a Good Fit?

How do you measure the impact of development on an organization? Everything starts with a assessing both the organization and employees. This helps us custom tailor a solution with measurable results.

The personality assessment we’ve put together is called the P60. It tells you things like: Are you a born leader? A supporter? A networker? It’s 60 questions long and can take as little as 5 minutes to complete.


Take the P60 Now!

It only takes 5 minutes, and it will give you insight into your specific personality type.

Types of Assessments

The flagship assessment of our platform. Once finished, our custom report provides 8-18 pages of an applicant’s character and talent traits along with what you might expect from them on the job. It helps clients find where an applicant might best fit in a company. It will also show where you may need to offer direction and training. Hiring right the first time can save an organization significant time and money.

A customizable multiple-choice quiz that can be tailored to any industry or business. Create an unlimited amount of questions with five possible answers. Upload pictures to use as visual aids. Assign a point value to make some questions more valuable than others. 

See how well an applicant can reason and solve questions in a timed session.

Determine the basic skills of new and existing project managers, or assess project managers who are being considered for additional responsibilities.

Use group-based opinions to evaluate the overall engagement of employees.

Using general questions, create a survey for designated groups to receive anonymous results and comments.

Solve math and spelling questions in a timed format. Used for assessing an individual’s baseline competence.

Measures applicants in 11 sales-related areas. Gives insight into their personal sales style and where they might need additional training.

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Get immediate feedback into your personality style by taking a P60 Assessment, completely free. We’ll get back to you immediately with a report full of actionable advice you can use today.